Akın Çetin was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. His initial passion for cinema and photography has started with his love for darkroom and his early experiments with negative, 35mm, and medium format at young ages. From there on, he kept on experimenting with every other camera and equipment that he could lay his hands on – never comprimising from his dedication to visual storytelling. He developed his personal style while shooting short films and music videos at the beginning of his career and spending long nights at the grading rooms. After a while he began shooting commercials and documentaries and hasn’t stopped since then.

His photography works has also been recognized as visually strong and sophisticated – which allowed him to participate in and collabrate with several different photography exhibitions, book projects etc.  

As of 2019 he was named the first Turkish DP to be recognized by the ARRI Camera Showreel 2019 with his work for Absolut – Be in Love. 

He always tries to push his boundaries getting inspired by reading, travelling and experimenting with diferent ways of expression.

Member of ‘Turkish Society of Cinematographers, GYD